Who are we?

1. Who are you? We're Eat Right Atlanta and we're a produce delivery service in Ellenwood, GA. 

2. What do you do? We deliver an assortment of 10-12 fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers market to your door. You get 2-3 types of fruits; 2-3 types of leafy vegetables; as well as 4-5 other types of vegetables. This allows you to make a couple sides, a salad, and have some fruit as well.

3. How much food do we get? A bag feeds 2-3 people. Here's an example: 1 head of lettuce; 1 head of cabbage; 1.5-2lbs of potatoes; 1 lb carrots; 3-4 apples; 3-4 oranges; 4-5 bananas; 1 bunch greens; 1 lb broccoli; 2 green peppers.

4. The list changes every other week. The price does not. A mixed bag for a group costs $18.  A fruit bag costs $22. A Large Family Bag costs $28 & a Mini bag costs $15. Home delivery prices vary - depending on location.

5. Can I select what I want to eat? No. We buy in bulk, and everyone gets the same assortment of food. Because of this, we're able to offer you a sizeable discount.

6. How did you start? It was all an accident really. Eat Right Atlanta was started by us (Don and Nicole). We wanted to feed our son healthy food for a little less money. So we did a little research, bought some food, and Eat Right Atlanta was born!

7. What makes you different from the other Food Co-ops? Our business is structured around the busy, working Mom - who doesn't have a lot of time during the day. We don't require volunteer hours. We deliver the food to you. Most co-ops require that you pick it up. We bend over backwards to try and take care of our customers.

8. What are your hours? We deliver six days a week (Monday-Saturday). We are closed on Sundays. Please don't call us on a Sunday. We're sleeping :-)

9. Where are the Organics? We're temporarily not offering organic produce. 

10. We really love what we do, and more than anything we want you to be happy with our service! Take care, and live well!