1. Can I get organic produce in my basket? 
Yes. We have organic only baskets for $35 group/$45 home delivery. There's also a mixture of organic and non-organic produce in our 50/50 basket and that is $30 group/$40 home. There is no organic produce in the standard $18/$25 baskets.

2. Can I select the items for my basket? 
If there’s something that you do not eat, or don’t want in your regular basket, we’ll be happy to switch it for something else (if we have enough), or give you more of another item that we're providing that week. We ask that as this is a co-op, everyone keep their substitutions to a minimum, as lots of substitutions means that someone else won't have enough.

3. What’s in a basket? 
Each basket contains an assortment of: 3-4 fresh fruits (apples, bananas, pears, peaches, oranges, etc...) 2-3 leafy vegetables (celery, lettuce, broccoli, etc...) 4-5  vegetables (carrots, potatoes, corn, onions, tomatoes, etc…)

4. Is there a delivery fee? 
Presently we're only accepting new home delivery customers in certain areas. 

We recommend either joining an existing group, or starting one of your own with 10 or more people. With groups, there are no delivery fees - ever. We wil continue however, to make home deliveries to our existing home delivery customers. That home delivery fee is $10. 

5. What if I’m not satisfied with the quality of an item? We do our best to ensure that all items are fresh upon delivery. If something in your basket isn't as fresh as it should be, please let us know immediately and we will  be happy to compensate you on your next order. We’re purchasing produce straight from the grower, and sometimes, nature happens.

6. Can you guarantee what we'll be receiving each week? We try to do that, but find that some weeks our list is determined by weather, market pricing and availability - as well as the freshness of a product. If we see something on market day that's not up to our standards, we don't purchase it, and we may substitute that item with another fruit or vegetable.

​9. What forms of payment do you accept? Cash an​d credit cards. We no longer accept checks.
Eat Right Atlanta is a subsidiary of Donsha's Produce Co., LLC